Mums and Bubs Yoga

Starting Tuesday 14th May 2019, then every Tuesday on the grassy area near the Giant Chess at Abell Point Marina.

Time: 12pm

Our beautiful Mums & Bubs yoga classes are a blissful combination of bonding with your baby, moving your body after birth and keeping yourself and your beautiful bub calm, happy and healthy.

Our amazing teacher Soyela has 10+ years experience teaching.

Class is $5

Bring a towel or your own yoga mat. If it’s hard for you to sit up straight or you have sensitive knees please bring a little blanket.


Post Natal yoga includes poses to help rebuild your core strength, tone your body, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, realign the hips and sacrum, build back and abdominal strength.
We will also work on releasing the built up muscle tension, particularly around the neck and shoulders, from breast feeding and carrying your newborn.

Classes will allow you to reconnect with yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.
Yoga will assist you to balance hormones, energise and awaken the body and mind.
You’ll meet other mums who live nearby – great way to connect at Bohemian Raw Cafe after class so don’t be shy!


Yoga will improve your baby’s digestion, assist with sleep wake cycles, develop co-ordination, motor skills and muscle tone.
Classes are suited for newborns until they start crawling.

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